5 simple exercises that can cut your belly fat fast

Exercise 1 – Put legs on the wall

Find a wall in your house and then lie face-up on the ground with your butt against the wall. Raise your legs trying to keep them straight and against the wall and keep your hands on the floor. Hold it for 1 minute and breathe slowly.

Exercise 2 – Spinal twist

Sit on a mat or on the floor if you don’t have one. Bend your right knee and bring it up, then twist your torso towards your right at the hip. Try to reach as far as you can and hold this position for 30 seconds. Don’t forget to breathe slowly.

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Exercise 3 – Bridge pose

Start by lying on your back, then bend your knees without taking your feet off the ground. Lift your hips and use your hands to press against the ground as this will open your hips. Make sure you hold this position for about a minute and focus on breathing slowly and deeply.

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Exercise 4 – Chair pose

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