5 ways to tell your husband that you WANT to have s#x


A lot of women I know are too shy to initiate, or even discuss, s$x with their husbands. So what do you do when you want to have sex and your husband won’t oblige? How do you tell him what you have on mind and want him in the bedroom right away? Well, there are a few ways in which you can drop hints and communicate, and hopefully, your husband will be smart enough to act on it.

Take a shower before bed: All the housework during the day can leave you looking tired sweaty — which is hardly a turn on. If you want to get some action tonight, take a nice long shower before bed, spray on some good perfume and a hint of makeup. This should speak enough that sex is on your mind.

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Keep the condom out: Nothing like dropping direct hints. Keep a condom where it is clearly visible and he will definitely know that you want to have s$x. You can keep the condom on the bedside table, or in the bathroom near his toothbrush or even on his phone, that way he can definitely not miss it.

Have an early and quick dinner: Maybe the reason why he has not been having sex with you is because he gets tired and sleepy by the time you wrap up dinner and dishes. So, to get things moving, either order dinner or cook early. Have an early dinner and then get down for some action.

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Send the kids to sleep in a separate room: A lot of people are not comfortable with getting cozy with their kids sleeping in the same bed. So after dinner, make the kids sleep in a separate room or with their grandparents. You can also pack them for the night and send to sleep over at the grandparents’ house (if they are old enough).

Tell him directly: Nothing better than telling him directly what you want. For many guys, it is a major turn on when women tell them what they want and how they want. So try taking the direct route and you just might get lucky

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