Apply Vaseline On Boobs Daily, After 30 Days You’ll Be Amazed By Results

Vaseline is a brand of petroleum jelly based products which includes skin creams, lotions, cleansers, and deodorants. However, these products may also help in many other ways – you can use them for lip care, to soften the skin on your elbows and ankles and hydrate your cuticles. Some women claim that rubbing Vaseline on your breasts will increase their size – it may sound unbelievable, but many women swear in this method, and there’s no harm in trying it.

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What to do:

All you have to do rub Vaseline on your breasts, then put a dab of toothpaste on the nipple. Repeat the process every night before going to bed and believe us that you’ll be amazed by the results.

Besides this, Vaseline can also help you in the following cases.

  • Makes your eyelashes grow.
  • Softens dry and cracked elbows.
  • Makes your lips luscious.
  • Treats dry cuticles.
  • Helps the perfume last longer.
  • Lipstick smudges.
  • Softens your skin.
  • Helps remove makeup.
  • Eyeshadow or blush boost.
  • Relieves eyebrow plucking.
  • Prevents hair dye from seeping on your forehead.
  • Makes your accessories brand new.
  • Removes makeup stains.
  • Treats split ends.
  • Prevent spray-tan streaks.
  • An excellent exfoliating body wash.
  • Soothes your skin after shaving.
  • Lubricates your earlobes.
  • Helps you open nail polish.
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