Avoid Getting Pregnant By Doing These 5 Steps!

With the growing population in the world today, majority of these aren’t planned and statistics prove so.However, did you realize that unwanted pregnancies may be avoided without resorting to the use of condoms?

There are several ways to prevent pregnancy for couples who continuously do the deed but aren’t ready for a baby just yet.

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Below are a few alternatives to choose upon for couples to practice amidst i.ntercourse with lowered risks of pregnancy.


1. Menstrual Cycle

Taking note of a woman’s menstrual cycle helps well. I.ntercourse during her 8th to 20th day of cycle are the days wherein she is potentially fertile and should abstain to lessen risks of pregnancy.

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2. Withdrawal Method

Practicing withdrawal amidst the i.ntercourse when a man is about to e.jaculate helps as well in preventing pregnancy.

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