Best 6 s-x positions to get pregnant fast


Okay so this post is for all women who wants to conceive fast. Thumb rule to get pregnant is to have s-x frequently specially when you are ovulating. While s-x there are some positions that can work for you, let us discuss them one by one

Glowing triangle

In this position man is on the top and you will be below him.

The man here is on all fours. That gives the woman space to lift her hips towards his penis, which should allow for some good penetration.

This position is very good for deeper penetration


Doggy style

Most men like this position but this is also good for penetration

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Doggy style helps increase the amount of penetration and opens up the cervix just a little bit more than other positions.
This position has benefit of the tipping uterus again, as the woman is normally on a slight slant.



In this position man positions himself behind you as you lie down, this pose ensures that your partner’s sperm reaches your cervix as your pelvis is tilted at a 90 degree angle.

In this man and woman both lie on their sides, the man curls up behind the woman and penetrates from behind – is excellent for relaxation and affection.

Rock and roller

In this sex position your partner penetrates deep, and hits your G-spot — helping in conception. In this position the woman lies back and stretches her legs up, as if she’s about to do a backwards roll

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The man then kneels over her. And here’s the best bit for baby making – he helps to keep her in this elevated, tilted position using his knees, while he penetrates, perfect!


The magic mountain

This position is similar to doggy style but man bending over you, such that your back is against his chest.
For this position, the woman bends over the cushions, while the man kneels behind her, with his legs on the outside of hers.

To get pregnant fast use less cushions so your cervix is tilted to get penetrated in right way

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Missionary position

When the woman is lying down on her back, her vagina is tilted towards the cervix, giving a helping hand to those sperm trying to make their way to her egg.

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