This Brutally Honest way to Losing weight is really getting popular – She lost 3 kg in just 5days


Heavy Protein Diet: 

Eat foods with lower calories and high protein content. Eat green veggies, fresh fruits, fish, meat, pulses and eggs. Avoid Rice, sugary foods, soft drinks.


Metabolism Booster Foods:

Herbs like Ginger, clove, Garlic and dry fruits are known to boost your metabolism and improve digestion. This foods will stop fat accumulation and make you slimmer.

20 Minutes to exercise:

 No need to go gym for this. You can do some effective workouts at home. Squatting, Tabata training, HIIT exercises are designed specifically to be done at home. Running and pace walking are also helpful in speeding up the metabolism.

 Avoid Oily and spicy foods: 

Try to avoid consumption of oily, greasy and spicy foods. If you happen to eat such food, increase the amount of water you drink that day. Also, you can drink lukewarm water.

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These 4 steps are very easy to do, make them a daily habit and you will positive change in your physique in just matter of a week.

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