Check How she removed her belly fat using Ginger paste and plastic wrap

Today I will tell you how to medicate the Plastic wrap and how to use it to reduce belly fat. Plastic tape method is now been used for years and getting more popular day by day. It’s a very easy method to remove and reduce belly fat. But the tape is not a common Plastic tape or wrap. It’s medicated one.


How to prepare and Use this method:

  1. 1 Warm steamed Towel
  2. 1 Skin moisturizer
  3. 1 Ginger powder (Freshly grounded)
  4. Plastic Wrap (Non sticky)
  5. A long Cloth

First, Apply some moisturizer on your tummy and wrap the warm steamed towel around your tummy. Leave it like that for 5 minutes. Now take 2 tablespoon of Ginger powder in a bowl and add half a cup moisturizer in it. Mix it well till you get a paste like solution.

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Now unwrap the steam towel. The steam from towel has opened the skin pores and heated up the Fat deposition on your stomach. Now apply a thick layer the Ginger and moisturizer paste on your stomach.
Wrap the now sticky plastic tape/ wrap around your tummy. Don’t wrap it very tight, make sure that you are comfortable. Now wrap the long cloth over the plastic wrap and leave it for 3 to 4 hours. You can do it while sleeping as well. You may feel a little tingling sensation, but it’s good; it’s a sign that ginger has started burning the fat.

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Remove all the wraps after 4 hours and you will see the amazing results. You can repeat this twice a week. Many have reported that their tummy became flat after 5-6 uses of this wrap.

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