Despite of C-section delivery I lost 21 Kgs in just 3 months, here’s my 6 secrets

Does a woman need to take care of anything during her pregnancy for the post pregnancy fitness

Yes, one should take care of the food they eat during pregnancy for post-pregnancy fitness.

African families believe that workout or movement should not be done during pregnancy nor should any diet be followed.

This is a wrong notion. In the per-pregnancy phase, one should eat good nutritional food which includes proteins, carbohydrates, essential fats and other required nutrition.

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Most women do not take care of any diet and eat junk food with no exercise or physical movement.

Scientifically, exercises that help in controlling weight gain should be made part of the expectant mother’s regime.

This also helps in a smooth delivery.

Is there any difference in the fitness regime of the woman who undergoes a c-section and one who delivers normal? If yes, what’s the difference?

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