Drink 650 ml of water at 6:00 AM for 30 days and see this difference

Just drink 650ml of water after waking up. That is about 4 glasses.

Do not consume tap water, unless it is purified.

It is much better to take distilled water. If you use distilled water it is also recommended to add some minerals like baking soda.

However, add just one tablespoon of it to the whole amount of water, because otherwise it may be harmful. It is also important not to push yourself if you cannot drink this amount at first. Start with as much as you can and then slowly increase the amount;

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45 minutes after you have drunk the water, start your daily routine like eating breakfast. Do not eat anything in those 45 minutes.

Drink at least 1 glass of water before each meal and do not drink anything else 2 hours after a meal;

On this way you will drastically improve your health. It only takes 3 days of the treatment to relieve arthritic pain, 10 days for constipation and gastric issues, 30 days to lower your blood pressure and diabetes and in 90 days you can even cure tuberculosis.

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