Eat this Alkaline Foods to Conceive a Boy

In some of articles I’ve published before I told you about the pre-conception diet that is recommended to the women aiming for a male offspring: a diet that is rich in salty and high-potassium foods, while being poor in high-calcium (e.g., dairy) and high-magnesium products. Regarding the diets for conceiving a boy, there is another essential aspect that a future mother needs to take into account: the pH of her vagina – more precisely, the alkalizing (i.e., alkaline producing or alkaline forming) foods should be preferred.

Alkaline Foods to Conceive a Boy

Alkaline Foods to Conceive a Boy

Which are the Best Alkaline Foods to Give Birth to a Boy ?

When choosing the food stuff that you intend to include in your pre-conception diet, you should pay attention not only to the acid/alkaline effect of the food on your body, but also to the other two aspects that increase the likelihood of having a male offspring (about these two aspects I told you a lot in other articles posted on this website):

  • diet should be high in sodium and potassium;
  • diet should be low in calcium and magnesium

Therefore, the food items that are ideal when trying to get pregnant with a boyought to have these three qualities, i.e. they should be:

  1. “alkaline forming” (alkalizing, alkaline producing, i.e., have an alkaline effect on the body)
  2. high in sodium and/or potassium
  3. low in calcium and/or magnesium.

In this article, I selected the five most healthy alkaline foods that follow all the three conditions mentioned above and which, consequently, boost the chances of getting pregnant with a male descendant. Anyway, you must be aware of the fact that, in addition to these five products, there are many other famous alkalizing fruits and vegetables, some of which are high-magnesium (such as bananas, which are also high-potassium) or high-calcium (like broccoli), facts that make them unsuitable when aiming for a boy. This does not mean that you should not consume them, just make sure that your intake of sodium and potassium exceeds your intake of calcium and magnesium, while the foods that you eat are alkaline-forming and not acidifying (i.e., acid-forming).

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Carrot – Maybe the Best Alkaline Food for Conceiving a Boy Baby

The carrot is not only ideal when trying to get pregnant with a baby boy (because it is alkalinizing, high-sodium, high-potassium, low-calcium and low-magnesium), but also excellent for the overall health, being one of the most valuable vegetables. The carrots are very good for: skin, eyes, liver, blood (they purify and build it, being highly recommended when suffering from anemia), bones, teeth, heart, colon, etc. This precious vegetable also reduces the risk of cancer. However, be aware that some persons are allergic to carrots. Avoid drinking too much carrot juice, as it is very rich in Vitamin A (which causes important health problems if its intake is too high) and potassium (whose intake must be limited when suffering from kidney problems).

Orange Juice – An Excellent Alkaline-Forming Food, Suitable for Having a Boy

The orange juice – which must be consumed fresh – is excellent not only for your general health, but also for boosting your odds of having a boy, because it is alkaline-forming (as I explain in a subsequent paragraph in this article) and it is a good source of potassium. It is, however, very poor in sodium. Its calcium and magnesium contents are pretty low.

Tomato (Sauce) – Rich in Potassium

Any list of alkaline foods to conceive a boy should include the tomatoes, as they are rich in potassium (especially their sauce), alkaline producing, low in calcium and magnesium. Moreover, these vegetables are highly beneficial for the overall health.

Cantaloupe – an Important Element of the Alkaline Foods List

Cantaloupe is an alkali-forming fruit that is high in potassium and low in calcium and magnesium (and sodium, but that is not so bad), being therefore indicated for increasing the odds of making a male child.

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Apricot – Very Rich in Potassium

Another fruit that is alkali-forming, high-potassium, low-calcium and low-magnesium is the apricot (which is also extremely low in sodium, but that’s not a problem). So, the apricots should be included in the women’s alkaline diet to conceive a baby boy.

Why Alkali-Forming (or Alkalizing) for Boy ?

The chances of having a male descendant are increased if the future mother eats, in the weeks before getting pregnant, more alkalizing (or alkali-forming, alkali-producing) foods – i.e., foods that have an alkaline reaction on the body.

The explanation for this is very simple: the scientists have discovered that the boy-sperm (i.e., the sperm that are needed for having a male descendant) are favored by a slightly alkaline environment (i.e., whose pH is slightly above 7.0) – unlike the girl-sperm, which “prefer” a slightly more acidic environment. Therefore, when it comes to the dietary ways to conceive a boy, the foods that the future mother eats before getting pregnant should be “alkaline forming” (“alkali-producing”, alkalizing), in order to reduce the acidity of the vagina.

Difference between Alkaline and Alkalizing (or Alkaline Producing or Alkaline Forming) Foods

It’s very important to understand that the pH of a food is not the same with that food’s effect on the body’s pH. More exactly, a food may be acidic itself (i.e., its pH can be below 7.0), but it may have an alkaline reaction when it enters the body (i.e., after being consumed and metabolized, this food can cause the body’s blood and urine to become alkaline – that is to say, to have a pH above 7.0). Such a food is the orange juice, which is acidic itself (since it contains citric acid, having a typical pH of about 3.5), but it is “alkaline forming” in the body.

It’s also essential to know that a food’s effect on the body depends not only on that food’s pH, but also on the metabolism of that body. For example, the meat is alkaline itself, but, after digestion, it is considered, in general, acid-forming, although it is alkali-forming for some people. Anyway, the meat can be included in any diet to conceive a boy.

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So, when aiming for a male child, women should prefer the “alkaline forming” foods (i.e., those that have an alkaline effect on their body) and not the foods that are alkaline themselves (i.e., whose pH is above 7.0), because they may have an acid effect on their body.

Warnings !!!

MODERATION and BALANCE are the two keywords that should govern any diet, because any excess can be very dangerous for your health. You must be aware of these facts:

  • The body’s pH must be balanced ! (Ideally, it should be slightly alkaline, as some scientists say.) Both the acidosis and alkalosis are to be avoided, as they can cause (serious) health problems.
  • The proper ratio between the alkali-forming and the acid-forming foods in the diet should be maintained ! (Some scientists consider that the proper ratio is 3 to 2 for healthy people, and 4 to 1 for the ill ones.)
  • Avoid nutritional deficiencies during any diet (also when consuming alkaline foods to conceive a boy). Remember that too much sodium, too much potassium, too little calcium and too little magnesium are all bad for your health (as they can cause problems related to kidney, heart, etc.).
  • Consult your physician before beginning any diet!



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