Eating This for Breakfast Every Morning Help You Lose Weight Faster Than You Expect

The most important meal of the day is undoubtedly the breakfast, so you should always make sure it is healthy and nutritious. This meal provides the needed energy for the day and accelerates the metabolism.

If you are trying to lose extra weight, you should never skip the breakfast, as that will simply boost the unhealthy cravings during the rest of the day.

A recent study published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism found that the best possible variant for a breakfast is in fact oatmeal.  It involved 36 men and women, who were divided into 3 groups.

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All participants consumed 350 calories daily, while the first group received oatmeal, the second cornflakes and the third only drank water for breakfast, and the lunch was the same for all.

Participants needed to record their level of satiety in the next 3 hours. Researchers analyzed their blood samples in order to control their blood sugar and insulin levels.

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They found that participants in the first group had fewest cravings through the morning and afternoon, and consumed 31% fewer calories for lunch. Oatmeal was found to be most beneficial for people who had to lose weight, as those people consumed 50% fewer calories for lunch.

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