Get Flat belly in just 2 weeks with this magic water

You will need following ingredients to make this magical water:

1 Tablespoon Ginger (Freshly Grated)2 Liters water
1 Medium size Cucumber (peeled and cut in thin slices)
10-12 Spearmint Leaves
1 Medium size lemon (sliced in thin pieces)

How to prepare this magic water:-

Start preparation in the previous evening.

Take big jar and Put grated ginger, lemon slices, spearmint leaves and cucumber slice in the jar.

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Now pour 2 liter water in the jar.
Leave the jar as it is for the night, cover it but don’t put it in fridge.

Next day, start before breakfast and drink one glass of water from the jar. And finish the jar water by the end of the day.

This recipe will you get hydrated and it will help you flush out toxins. You will feel full and can lose weight fast.

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