How to Give Birth to a Baby Boy Naturally – Calendar and Ovulation Calculator

Ovulation calendar to have a boy is the traditional trusted method by most of the couples. At present, there is more number of girls than boys making   a lot of difference between the birth rate. To fill these gaps, some married couple follows certain method to select the gender and get conceived. In case if you have selected male gender then you need to follow ovulation calendar and calculator to give birth to a baby boy naturally by maintaining your ovulation timings and chart down your cervical mucus days.

Being an easy method, you can take the help of your partner in calculating your ovulation as male ejaculation also matters with this method. Your spouse must not ejaculate for 4-5 days and do it at the time of ovulation as it makes the sperm reach to the ovaries quick without any obstruction.

Method to follow ovulation calculator

If you and your partner have decided to perform sex in the next week then plan it in the day of your ovulation. Sex must be practiced before 24 hours of ovulation and after 12 hours of ovulation time. The reason for this is that male “Y” chromosomes reaches fast to the ovaries than X chromosomes which are for girls if the cervical mucus is not suitable for male chromosomes due to more acidity then it can’t reach the egg to fertilize. In such cases, female sperm reaches to the uterus and gets fertilized. Therefore calculate ovulation and note on your menstrual calendr about when to have sex with your partner to make sure that you conceive a boy this time.

How to Give Birth to a Baby Boy Naturally

How to Give Birth to a Baby Boy Naturally

Use an ovulation calendar to conceive a boy

  • Women who plan to get pregnant make use of certain techniques which are free and easy to follow without any hard effort.
  • The easiest method is ovulation calculator which helps to figure out the sexual intercourse time for conceiving a boy.
  • It gives you idea about when to have sexual intercourse and what position in intercourse works best to conceive a boy.
  • It tells you the most fertile tips and instruction when you are ready to plan your second pregnancy to have a male gender this time.
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Another option to ovulation calculator

If you don’t want to follow ovulation calculator then you can select the calendar method which suggests you to note your menstrual cycle for 28 days. These are the average days for every woman, but every woman does not get a 28 day menstrual cycle. It sometimes happens that you ovulate earlier before the date of cycles. Therefore to make all the reminder of cycles and periods, ovulation calendar works best for those who are unable to chart out the exact days of ovulation and menstrual cycle.

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If you take the risk to conceive before the egg is ready to get fertilized, then the male sperm will weaken and die before beginning of fertilization in ovary.

Thus, better to know your exact ovulation period and perform further action to conceive a boy. However, ovulation is the best method than others to enjoy being a mother of a cute boy.

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