How to lose water weight quickly and naturally

If you are retaining fluid, your clothes may feel tighter, you may feel bloated or weighed down, and you may even look swollen or puffy.  There are many reasons why you might be retaining fluid, but what is the quickest and most natural way to get rid of it?

What causes water weight?

Water weight happens when your body retains fluid.  It happens when there is a buildup of fluid in the circulatory system or body tissues.  There are many ways that it can be caused including:

– When there is a change in pressure inside the capillaries or the capillary walls are too leaky, the water will remain in the tissues, and cause swelling.

– If there is too much fluid in the lymphatic system, the excess fluid will remain in the tissues, which causes swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, or any other parts of the body.

– When the heart fails, in congestive heart failure, the heart has to work harder. This changes the pressure and causes water retention in the legs, feet, ankles and lungs.

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– Severe protein deficiency.

– Insufficient B-vitamins.

– During kidney failure

– During pregnancy or menstruation

– Lack of exercise

– Certain medications such as hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and beta blockers.

– Eating a lot of high sodium foods

– Eating excess sugar.

How do you naturally get rid of water weight?

As you can see, there are many causes of water retention, but depending on what is causing your body retain water, will determine how you should get rid of it.  Obviously, if you have a medical condition, such as heart disease or kidney disease, you should see your doctor and they will likely prescribe diuretics for you and may even put you on a fluid restriction.

There are many foods or diuretic aids that may act as natural diuretics and will help produce urine, which helps to remove the fluids from your body.

– Apple cider vinegar – helps maintain potassium levels and is a natural diuretic

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– Artichoke

– Asparagus – contains asparagines, which helps flush the kidneys

– Beets – helps get rid of fatty deposits

– Brussels sprouts

– Cabbage – help break up fatty deposits

– Carrots – speed up the metabolism and help remove fat and waste from the body

– Cranberry juice

– Cucumbers

– Fennel

– Horseradish – also speeds up the metabolism

– Lettuce – helps flush toxins

– Oats

– Tomatoes

– Watermelon

– Dandelion and Dandelion Leaf

– Green tea

– Parsley

Before trying any of these to help with your water retention, you may want to talk to your doctor to find out what is actually causing your body to retain water.  It is also important to treat what is causing you to retain the water, and not to rely on the natural diuretics.

If you are consuming too much sodium or sugar, you should cut back (See also: simple ways to reduce sodium intake).  If you aren’t eating enough protein or B-vitamins, you should find out how much you need and include adequate amounts in your diet (see also: How to eat more protein).  You should also make sure that you are getting plenty of exercises and following a healthy diet.

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how to lose water weight quickly and naturally

how to lose water weight quickly and naturally


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