Now you can get rid of acne and blackheads in just 4 steps

If you suffer from acne and blackheads, it is best to use cleansing lotion that contain salicylic acid, so today I will tell you home made formula that is salicylic acid peel

Step #1:

In the first step you will ready your face to accept the salicylic acid peel. You can do this by washing your face with a facial wash, for this I use a simple wipe with acetone to remove dirt and greece. Acetone is same that you use to remove nail paint.

It might sound weird, but pure acetone is used because it can remove any trace of dirt, fat, oil, and grease that may be left behind on your skin even after washing with soap and water. Removing all of these will ensure that the peeling solution will be better absorbed by the skin. If you plan on using acetone, you should buy one without any additives, fragrances, and colorants. Put some on a piece of cotton ball or square and wipe your face until the squares or balls become clean.

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Step #2:

The next process is the peeling, and it’s simply the step where the solution is applied onto the face. When you recreate this, remember to avoid the eye and mouth areas as these are very sensitive. You should leave the solution on your face for 10-15 minutes before going through the next process, which is the neutralization.

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Step #3:

The chemical peel involves an acid.  To stop this acid from working its way into your skin, you have to neutralize it with something basic. Commercial spas may use all sorts of fancy concoctions, but a simple baking soda wash will do the trick.

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