obese woman is now a stunning model thanks to this simple diet


obese woman is now a stunning model thanks to this simple diet

Three years ago, Mathilde Broberg of Denmark went through a very embarrassing experience. She climbed on a roller coaster for what she thought was going to be a normal fun ride. Things didn’t turn out quite that way, however, and it turned out to be a life changing experience for her. Weighing in at 266 pounds, she was almost kicked off of the coaster for being too heavy.

At the time, she didn’t eat well and she never put a lot of thought into it. She said, “Before, I would buy all the things you dream of like chips, chocolate, cake, noodles, and lots of junk food between meals.” Her daily calorie consumption was over 3,500 and the horrifying experience led her to the decision to make some big changes in her life.

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She cut out all of the junk food and started eating in teaspoon portions. It may not sound very filling but it worked for her. Once she shed a lot of the weight, Broberg faced another problem. Her weight was down but the skin that supported the weight was still there. She actually looked worse than when she was heavier. She was lucky enough to get a $7,000 grant to have tummy tuck surgery and the results are quite amazing. She is truly an inspiration to anyone that thinks something like that can’t be done.

Twenty-one-year old Mathilde Broberg from Aarhus, Denmark, suffered a very embarrassing incident when she was almost not allowed to ride on a roller coaster. She used the experience as incentive to make a drastic change.

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She was told that she might not be able to ride the coaster because she was too big. It was embarrassing for her and she decided that it was time for a change.

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