She put cabbage leaves all over her body, what happened to her next morning


She put cabbage leaves all over her body, what happened to her next morning

Cabbage makes a great ingredient when it comes to the dining table dishes. In addition to it cabbage leaves can be called magnets as they have the ability to pull out diseases from our system. There are certain ailments which can be effectively treated using cabbage.


If you have got swelling on your hand or leg, just wrap it with fresh cabbage leaves and tighten them using a bandage. To get best results, it is highly recommended to sleep with the compress.

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Thyroid gland is one of the most significant gland which helps in growth, proper metabolism and appropriate functioning of digestive system. To restore normal functioning of thyroid gland put cabbage leaves on your neck where the gland is located. Cover it with a bandage or shawl before hitting the sack and you can remove the compress after leaving for overnight.


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Sometimes headaches are attributed to issues related to your eyes and sometimes to stress and tiredness. Applying cabbage leaves on the temples or to forehead and securing them with a cap or a ha to keep them in place helps in relieving stress induced headache.


Those who experience severe pain during breastfeeding should put a compress of fresh cabbage leaves on to the breasts and this will help you relieve the pain.

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