Put lemon and salt on your face; You’ll hallucinate with the results

You will not believe but this is an amazing combination, it will not only remove dead skin layer but will remove all blackheads/whiteheads from your face like magic forever and will give you bright fresh look instantly

  1. lemon cut in half
  2. Hot water
  3.  A cloth for face
  4. Little salt


Note – You can do this process once in every 15 days

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Step 1 – Start with face cleansing

First wipe your face with cotton ball soaked in rose water

Soak a towel in hot water and put it on your face for 5 minutes. It will open all your pores

Step 2- Now take half lemon, express it to extract all juice from it

Now sprinkle 1 tbsp salt on this.

Then take other half of the lemon and squeeze its juice in the first half

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Now start scrubbing your face with first half of lemon

Step 3 – With the help of hot and damp cloth clean it

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