Quick waist slimming juice to get a smaller waist in 1 week

How to reduce your waistline in 1 week

Every girl wishes for smaller waist even she already has a perfect waistline.

There are many workouts and exercises with the help of which you can decrease  below which will help you reduce your waistline in your waistline. But reducing the size of your waist with drinking an amazing smoothie daily is a better way in my opinion. For your ease girls, I have shared the recipe of a waist slimming juice one week. You just need to read the article below and make the drink as per instructions. And drink it before having lunch and dinner daily for 7 days. And you will have your desiring waistline. You will be able to wear your skinny jeans and shorts more confidently. The best part of this smoothie is that it is made up of all the delicious and easily available fruits. Check the following recipe of smoothie to get smaller waistline in 1 week

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Recipe of waist slimming juice


  1. Water Melon
  2. Pear
  3. Cucumber
  4. Lemon
  5. Ginger

Procedure on how to make the waist slimming juice

check the next page for the procedure and steps on how to make it

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