Real weight loss story of kanan who lost 30 Kgs in 2 years (No gym, No diet)

I am not at all ashamed to say that I love myself and can do anything to keep myself happy. I have achieved many things in my life but till date my greatest achievement is to gain back my self -esteem and smiles. My story is of a ‘nice cute chubby baby’ who loved chocolates, candies, cakes and as its aftermath turned into a massive 98 kg woman.

How it happened is no secret as we know unhealthy lifestyle and uncontrolled eating habits are always the biggest culprit. Today, important is that I recovered and managed to pack my happy soul inside a 68 kg body. My story is the story of losing 30 kg weight in two years.


I had always loved reading, dramatics, music, art and everything that I could do sitting at one place. I hated exercising. By the time I reached college and completed my post-graduation I was 75 kg on the scale with 5ft 2 inches in height. Exercising and not indulging in food was too big a price to pay just to look good. Nah! Not to my liking.

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A life weighing 73 kg was fun as I started working and then got married. It was after having two kids I realized I was around 80 kg by the age of 35. I still had ample excuses for not doing my basic regular walks “Oh come on I am working, have to look after the home and these two devils— no- no- no I don’t have any energy or time for exercising.”


By the age of 45 in 2011, because of my unhealthy lifestyle I was on medication for asthma, palpitation, backache and high blood pressure. Earlier I had been on anti-depressants and steroids too. I was not able to sleep at night without using inhaler and was breathless all the time.


I was quite frustrated on the job front too so in October 2011, I finally decided to resign from my measly paid teaching job and do something about my health problems as I was getting sick popping those pills day and night. I was this huge 98 kg with zero self-esteem and cranky all the time. I always tried to avoid family photo sessions because I hated what I saw there.

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I just hated to look at my clothes drying on the line as they looked like tent. In fact I hated each and everything about me. What I hated the most was my hatred for myself and low confidence. I wanted to change my life and my first step towards better life was regular walks in the evenings.


I bought a few books based on weight loss and realized that I needed to get moving. I increased my walking speed and time slowly but my legs ached. I was hungry all the time, struggling to stay away from food but was failing badly. I was walking two hours daily but my heart broke the day I stepped on the scale after a month of regular walking— the scales were behaving like an adamant child in front of ice cream parlour, not ready to budge at all.

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