She drinks water just after getting out of her bed in morning and here’s what happened

Okay we all know water is necessary to keep us healthy but what happens when you drink water 1st thing in morning just after getting out of your bed?


Scientist have confirmed the medical value of this to be completely beneficial to our health.

Drinking water when waking has been linked to curing and prevention of certain disease and ailments such as headaches, body aches, arthritis, heart problems, epilepsy, obesity, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney disease, vomiting, gastritis, diabetes, constipation, uterine disease, ear and throat disease.

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The Method:

  1. Upon waking, before doing anything else, drink four 6 ounce glasses or water. Remember if there is some reason you cannot hold this much water at one time, start with as much as you can and increase the amount.
  2. Brush your teeth and perform your morning oral hygiene routine, and then wait 45 minutes before eating or drinking anything.
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After the 45 minutes is up, eat breakfast as usual, and then do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours.

Specific diseases curing by drinking water

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