She took selfies for 6 months,only to lose weight this fast! Discover the secret


She took selfies for 6 months,only to lose weight this fast!

Could tracking yourself by taking selfies be the magic for weight loss?

 A selfie a day keeps the doctor away, or helps you with your health goals, it seems.

The University of Alicante has found out that a photo diary helps people to reach their target weight. It has been proved by science so you know it’s true.

Taking photos and posting the on instagram daily helps in motivating and building inspiration when it comes to losing weight fast

It’s often hard to see little changes in yourself over a long period of time – so Progress helps as it compiles all the photos so you can see your body changing in real time!

One dieter who used selfies to motivate herself is Justine McCabe. She lost a whopping nine stone over the course of a year. Take a look at the transformation here.


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The 31 year old lost her mother and husband in quick succession and turned to comfort eating just like we all do when we are under stress . Her weight peaked by 22.3 kgs and she was clearly very unhappy.

She decided to change her direction in life and start going to the gym and exercising on weekly basis as she tracked her progress via Instagram

Taking a daily selfie at the gym helped her lose 124 lbs and now the 5ft 10 woman is winning bikini awards.
Below is a stream of her Instagram posts on losing weight journey which I really admire and respect.

Please start taking selfies am starting tomorrow



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