Do you want to whiten you teeth? Try Apple cider vinegar magic

Do you want to whiten your teeth ? Try Apple cider vinegar ,use it only once.

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Apple cider vinegar is an amazing natural product which can be used for numerous things, and it’s also a great teeth whitener. Made from fermented apples, it is rich in pectin, healthy enzymes and essential minerals.


It can remove stains, whiten the teeth and eliminate all bacteria in the oral cavity.

How to use apple cider vinegar for teeth whitening

Dilute apple cider vinegar with water ( half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar solution to a cup of water) and gargle in the morning. Brush as usual after you gargle. Do this regularly to get rid of stains on teeth and whiten them.

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Important Note :  Make sure to shake the bottle before use as the essential compounds are present at the bottom of the bottle. Remember to dilute the solution with water before using as it is acidic in nature and may harm your teeth if used in the undiluted form. Avoid using excess vinegar, not more than once a day, on your teeth as it may weaken the enamel.

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