Warning: don’t do this when you have period, it might be deadly- all women must read!

Having regular period is a strong indicator that you’re healthy but do you know during this time you should be more careful. Your body is weak during this time as you are bleeding so the first and most important thing is to keep yourself hydrated this time. Drink more and more water in nay form whether it is plain water or juice. Apart from this there are some things that yous should avoid completely

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1. Having Unprotected Sex

It is highly recommended not to have a sexual intercourse while you’re on your period. However, if you decide to do it anyway, make sure you use a protection in order to avoid infections.

2. Skipping Meals

Skipping meal at this time of the month is a bad idea. You are losing a lot of blood, so you need to eat properly to keep your energy levels up.

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