You weigh how many kgs? Here is the secret to lose 5kgs in 2 weeks

Do your weight in kgs?  Below  is the secret to lose  5kgs in  1 week

Right, you are motivated for achieving the goal of losing 5 kg in a week, its good.

The following workable tips can help you to do it,

Drink more water

A single energy juice, soda and majority of packed drinks contains more than 100 calories and it adds in your calories intake thus create a resist on your weight loss efforts. Secondly, packed fruit juice contains sodium that causes water retention in your body and makes you look fatter and overweight.

Scientific data have proven it by multiple types of research that drinking more water makes weight loss happen

Although the exact detailed phenomenon behind the water intake and weight loss is still to come, here are the proven relationships between water intake and weight loss.Water increase the basal metabolic rate by 30%, that is the levels of calories you will burn while you do nothing. So this is a great benefit for weight loss. This boost in metabolism is achieved within 10 minutes of water intake, so water is a super fast metabolic booster and can help you in starting your weight loss within minutes.

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Now, how much water to take for the weight loss success

The recommended is 9 glasses of water. Further experts advice that taking water 10 minutes before your major meals will decrease your calories intake, by 70- 90 calories per meal. It is good benefits and the best is you can take advantage of it three times a day, drink a glass of water every time before your major meals.

Second, eliminate the white carbohydrates

The reason is that refined carbohydrates make you gain weight and sabotage your weight loss efforts. It also increases food cravings and you consume more food after eating white carbohydrates. Thus it tends to accumulate fats, particularly around your midsection, belly, and thighs.

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The simplest solution to overcome the factor of white carbohydrates for weight loss is to shift from it to whole grains

Means not white but grey one, additionally, whole grains contains fibers as well, which have multiple weight loss benefits for you.

Add exercise to your routine, but remember do not increase your food intake after you began the exercise

As exercise naturally increase the appetite. The best exercises for fat burning are gym workouts, gaming, skipping, cycling, boot camp, and swimming. To further faster your weight loss add weight training as well, the best one for weight loss. It burns calories on one side and increases the muscle mass on the other, muscle burns more calories so you will lose fats more naturally when you have good muscle mass.

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Take coffee 30 minutes before your workouts

 Take the black one, or alternatively, add some skimmed milk. Coffee enhances ,metabolic rate, lowers appetite and its ingredients release the stored fats from its reservoirs, so a better option to drink it to lose 5 kg in one week.


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