If you are a woman and want to lose weight fast, just press these 4 points on your body


In the area between your upper lip and your nose, massage for a few minutes daily. Massaging this point will help to reduce anxiety and manage your appetite. This can be especially helpful for emotional eaters or people who tend to overeat.

2. ARM

This point is located on the side of your elbow, on the outer side of the arm, at the end of the crease of the elbow. All energy is thought to pass through this point, so by massaging it, you can eliminate body heat and stimulate the work of the intestines for better digestion. Move your finger counterclockwise to massage this point. It can heal the body of too much anger.

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3. LEG

To find this point, use your right palm to cover your left knee. In the spot between your ring finger and the end of your pinky finger, you should see a minor dent, which is the location of the Zu San Li point. This point is commonly used in acupuncture as it is believed to boost digestion, and reduce inflammation. Be careful not to overwork this point.

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4. EAR

To boost your metabolism, gently massage the point near your ear, just in front of the ear canal, using your thumb. Place your finger in front of your ear and open your mouth if you need help finding the right spot. It will become indented when your mouth opens. This point is thought to boost the function of the small intestine.

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